PhotoKina 2018 Highlights! + Ektachrome Update! | Photography News Dump September 2018

Photokina 2018 happened this month! Some highlights are: Canon copies Nikon… sorta! Fujifilm announces some amazing and exciting stuff! Zeiss unveils a weird full frame Lightroom camera! and Ektachrome is finally available to consumers! @decafphotog Instagram: 500px: Facebook: For any business enquiries: Songs: Alone, Two Continue Reading

Foggy Morning

Saturdays morning in the forest. Shot with Sigma DP3 Merrill. 3xBRKT Posted by Petr Burkyt on 2016-02-07 22:17:17 Tagged: , Sigma , DP3 , Merrill , forest , trees , fog , mist , landscape , subeams , morning , surise , DiamondClassPhotographer , flickrdiamond