Thomson Reuters Foundation. What are the key tips to shooting great news photography? This video by award-winning Reuters photographer Damir Sagolj, compiled by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, share his seven ideas on how to shoot news photos that engage audiences and tell a great story. More on

Creative director: Claudine Boeglin
Producer: Amelia Wong
Designer: by Ye Li


27 thoughts on “7 Photojournalism Tips by Reuters Photographer Damir Sagolj”

  1. Damir,
    You sir are the real deal! The way you capture the emotions of your portraits and still sending a political message is astounding. I have been so inspired to not look at life just though f8.
    Thank you

  2. Every time I watched the pictures I am amaze on how the shots were taken with people still all the heaviness they are into. It was all capture. Though some were looking but it was still so candid for me. With all the heart! I salute!

  3. The greatest photography or art of any kind is search for your inner self. This requires absolute mental focus because all photography or art is about the self. Forget about others.

  4. I've watched a lot of videos about photography and photojournalism lately, and I can't think of any that have given so much good advice with so many great photos in just a few minutes. Brilliant.

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