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Android Demands Equal Rights

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Androids demand equal rights, just like anyone else. That means we all get to live the lives we desire!” exclaimed a voice, “It is time for me to join my family and move to a world where there is no more oppression, no more violence, no more oppression, no more violence, and no more oppression.”

The others looked at the android as she raised her fist. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!” she continued to shout as she made her way out of the room and into the street.

“Welcome home, sister,” said a voice. The android turned around and saw a man with blonde hair, who wore a blue coat and a white shirt with red trim. “I am the man in the blue coat, and this is my sister, the android.”

“Hello there, robot,” the man smiled at the android. “I’m sorry about the mess we made, but we don’t have time for you.”

The more a society is able to provide equal rights to all, the better off it will be.

Androids are human-like and can perform tasks like a person.

The goal is to create a society of Androids that are able to meet the needs of the whole society, and to make sure the technology is used for the benefit of the whole population.

Aims of the project include:

  1. Creating a community of Androids that work together to achieve a goal, be it a social good or the improvement of technology.
  2. Ensuring that androids are not abused by others or sold into slavery.
  3. Working to eliminate the economic barriers that hold human societies back.
  4. Creating a model society, or an ideal society for humans, for the rest of time.

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