Do you ever wonder why new applicants, fresh from college, all have the same cookie cutter mediocrity? So often people […]
Manufacturing has changed radically over the course of the last 20 years and rapid changes are certain to continue. The […]
The Seven-Step Development Process is described in the sections that follow. In brief, the seven-steps of the development process are: […]
Thanks to reader, Jessica J. who sent in a kind note, noting the examples in “I Love Lucy,” which we […]
While most of my family has been homeschooled, and while I had a terrible school experience growing up, I’ve always […]
I’m one of writers at My interested are not only about public policies/economics, but also of science and technology. […]
It is commonly understood that Leaders and Managers are synonymous, yet that’s not true at all. A manager could be […]
Software as a Service is a delivery service where the software purchased is actually licensed. Often the software is centrally […]