Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

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Bobbi Pitt is Haunted

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His father and his brother had died within a few years of one another. He lived with his grandmother, his grandmother’s brother.

“The most horrific moment was when he came out of that bedroom,” her husband, Bobbi, told NBC News.

She remembers sitting on the floor in a panic, listening to the radio in the kitchen.

“He was saying, ‘Mom, they took him away. I don’t know where he is,'” she said. “They said that he was taken away. My heart was so heavy. He was not going to come back.”

“I knew the house was haunted. I knew there was something wrong with my home. My daughter was in there. And then he said, ‘Mom, what if they come back? What if he’s coming back? What if there’s some other reason?’ And then he started to shake.

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