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Burn and Dodge with Saturation Layers

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My favorite Photoshop instructor of all time is Unmesh Dinda, who runs a YouTube channel called PiXimperfect. I have learned more about Adobe Photoshop from his YouTube channel (over the course of a week) then the years I put into Photoshop on my own.

Below, is a video tutorial he put together on using two saturation layers, with different blend modes to project more color into the darks and highlights.


The first hue/saturation layer he creates is set to the Color Burn blend mode.

Fill, rather than opacity, lowers or increases the projection of the image. Lowering Fill is a better approach to adjusting the color burn.

The second hue/saturation adjustment layer is set to Color Dodge (both focusing on color). Color Dodge affects the color of the highlights.

Again, on the second layer, we adjust the fill down so the image becomes more useful.

One last trick. I noticed that Unmesh could one click his background image to turn off all layers (to get the before look). In clicking around my keyboard I discovered he must be using the Option key (Mac, not sure what it is on a PC). So Option + Clicking the background layer, will turn off all layers above. Clicking again it toggles the layers back on.

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