The Fuji X-Pro1, once a high end camera that many dreamt of owning. Today its yesterdays news and can be found at the bottom of the used section for very little money.

The video was recorded with:
Canon EOS-R,

RF 35mm f1.8,

Manfrotto Befree,


Music: It’s Always Too Late to Start Over av Chris Zabriskie licensieras under licensen Creative Commons Attribution (

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44 thoughts on “Cheap Camera Review – The Fuji Xpro-1 in 2019 – Oldie but goldie”

  1. … I love mine… my biggest problem is the lack of viewfinder diopter correction…
    The files (mainly in b&w) are just awesome… (at least for my choice)
    … but now my GFX 50s is getting my full attention and time… 😀
    Nice review

  2. I went and got my self an X-E2, when I put the camera next to the other camera I designed that £300 was better then £600 for the X-Pro 1, just for better EVF that I could self upgrade the camera in the future!
    Then I was looking for the right lens for me,
    I do a lot of art photography and it came down to what I was shooting.
    So the 7Arttisans 55mm f1.4 lens was the best one for the job, it gave me a run for my money as I was not expecting it to work as well as it does on my FujiFilm X-E2.
    This kind of camera is fantastic for the artist photographer and is a great work horse even with its age and only 16mp. It’s well worth it!!!

  3. 1st: It's awesome to see you review this camera. I had always wanted it but never ended up owning it. A friend of mine has one, though, and loves it.
    2nd: Are you ever going to do a review for the Fujifilm X-H1? I just searched your channel for your X-H1 review and realized that, though it made guest appearances in several videos, you never actually did a review of it.

  4. xpro1 is my first camera, love it but I only own one lens 35mm 1.4. Although I use a7r2 with Zeiss 35 2.8, I really miss the xpro1, the control and colour is the best.

  5. how's the evf quality? I'm planing to get one and use with my contax zeiss lenses, if I want to focus with adapted lenses, I'll have to stick with EVF (from what I understand)

  6. I want one for use with my collection of Takumar and Leitz lenses. I'm using a Panasonic Micro 4/3 at the moment which is nice, but the Fuji crop factor of 1.5 will mean my old lenses will 'see' more.

  7. Still use mine, love it to bits, although I have dark thoughs of having a smaller x-e, but only one with watersealing if they make it one day. Oh and a tilting screen would be nice 🙂

  8. I really like the 18mm f/2 It’s compact nature goes well with my X-e3.
    I would like to have the 27mm as well for the same reason. However they are a bit far from affordable these days. 27mm has the same retail price as 23mm f/2. For which I opted instead.
    However there are decent deals on used market.

  9. You can have a GX85 cheaper than this , 16 mpix perfect file size IMO , as i consider 20 and above useless and unwanted for street photography. And for normal walls.
    The greatest benefit is the small lens and greater DOF with more light , making street photography and travel more enjoyable. And focusing is lightning quick.
    I have stopped taking my dlsr's, now 75% is mobile, and rest GX85.
    Though i still love my sony a57, it never goes out , and remains in shelf with all my minoltas …. Too much of a weight.

  10. Hi Matt,
    Having been a photographer since the early 80's I've used everything from Minolta XGM, to Nikon F2, FM2, F3, F4.. Canon EOS1, EOS1n, DCS3, DSC520, EOS 1 mark 3, 5Diii etc, etc… So a lot of cameras.. my main system is still a 5diii and lenses.
    But the Fuji Xpro1 is my favourite all time camera. The ergonomics take me back to the FM2, (proper aperture rings) … and it is just such a pleasure to use.. I get a buzz just shooting. The lenses are so nice… I have the 18mm (the weakest) 35mm & 50mm.. all f2 and they are sweet…
    The photos are beautiful.. both colour and b&w… I've made 40×30 prints and they are just as sharp as my Canon prints.. Well I can't see a difference at this size print.. They are small, compact and perfect as an every day carry…
    With the latest software updates, the AF is fast enough, and I really can't see what an Xpro2 would offer… I'll no doubt get one when the Xpro 3 launches.. and the price drops.. the Xpro 1 is a really, really nice camera…

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