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David Cameron’s War on Vampires

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David Cameron’s war against vampires. The prime minister’s plans to eradicate them from the UK will be presented to the country by the head of the vampire police in a major TV campaign, according to reports.

It will be aired on the British government’s channel on Saturday.

The prime minister has vowed to eradicate Britain’s “vampires” from the nation.

Mr Cameron wants to ban the possession, purchase, trade or consumption of blood or human organs of a vampire in Britain after they were declared “vampire-free”.

The blood ban will apply to blood-sucking, lycanthropic, human-vampire hybrid and the undead.

It also covers those who eat or drink human flesh.

It would also ban “vampire funerals” and would ban “vampire hunting”.

The prime minister said he would seek to “keep our families safe” by stopping the undead from crossing the UK’s borders to feast on its citizens.

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