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Daywalkers Among Us?

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Solar vampire says he can walk in daylight and he has been able to.

He had a couple of weeks at home to explore the possibilities. He’s used to being outside, and he likes the feeling of being outdoors. His biggest problem was that his old life was gone. He’d been an out-of-it, neurotic, shy, depressed young man. But now he is a vampire.

And what are vampires? They’re people who, like vampires, feed on other humans, but they also have a special relationship with their prey. They can move, taste and smell their prey, and they can manipulate them to whatever extent they please.

In some ways, the vampire is a cross between the common primate and a human. It has a brain structure similar to the human’s, and it’s got a long, serpentine tongue. It can taste and smell just as well as we do.

He is able to get around easily, but he cannot go into a building or out of the sun. He does not need food and does not need to sleep. He is also able to see in ultraviolet light.

Vampire blood is greenish-brown and is extremely viscous. This makes it hard to dissolve in water.

Vampire blood is absorbed into the skin when the blood touches the skin.

Vampire blood is very rare. There is only a limited amount of vampire blood. The most efficient vampire blood is created through a very special process. It is called “the human blood process”. However, to make vampire blood, it is necessary to consume humans.

Vampire blood can only be created using human blood. Human blood cannot be used to create vampire blood.

It is unknown how much blood a vampire drinks per day. 

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