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Facebook to Clone Users by 2045

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Facebook will be cloning users by 2045┬áif we leave them on for another 20 years. But, like the world economy, the social network industry is highly cyclical, so it’s hard to tell whether Facebook’s numbers are a one-off or if they’re actually going to continue to grow at their current rate. Cloning people as new users would certainly boost their numbers.

The number of people using Facebook in the US grew by over one-third in the year to August 2017, which is slightly lower than the US’s overall population growth. But the growth of people on the platform has been slower in the UK and France than in the US. According to our analysis, these two countries are forecast to add over one-third of the global Facebook population by 2045.

This isn’t surprising. Facebook has been working to convince consumers to stay longer on the site and to share more of what they do there on the social network. And they’ve done this by improving their algorithms for users to help them keep connecting more with their friends.

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