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48 thoughts on “Flickr "SCREWS" Photographers? STUPID Photography Business | Photo News Fix”

  1. Let’s say you payed for Flickr pro and got over 1000 photos. Then the year is almost over and you have to pay again. If you forget to pay will they delete all your photos so that you can have 1000 again or will they just stop you from uploading? Or if I cancel my subscription will they automatically delete my photos? Can someone please answer this question for me?

  2. So, I've been out of the loop. What websites are good for showing off a portfolio? People say that Flickr is old and such? Photobucket? etc? etc? (I would, then, link one of these websites to popular apps like Instagram to show off)

  3. I really liked flickr before all this bullcrap of having to pay 50 bucks a month if your profile has more than 1000 photos. I dunno how they think its ok to go from 1 TERABYTE!!!!!! of storage to less than a damn gigabite for free users. I'm quitting Flickr.

  4. offering 1TB and then pulling the rug, is no way to conduct business, bad move. You cannot trust Flickr, they will most likely do this again with their paid accounts……… get out now.

  5. Hi Jared. Wonder if you could answer a Q for me please. I opened a Flickr account in August 2018, but I Never uploaded any photos to that account, and as of today(6th Feb 2019) my account states that I have zero of 1000 photos uploaded….so if I close that Flickr account does that mean there are no photos to be lost…? Thanks very much.

  6. Flickr really does suck now as it started off with the stupid 30/60 limit for the groups and now a 1000 image limit for non-pro users. Well they can go and fuck themselves and i hope they go bust. There are better alternatives without these stupid limits.

    I have been using Flickr for a long time since 2014 and loyalty doesn't mean shit to these greedy bastards. Any more limitations and Flickr may as well just close. I am not going to be forced to pay when my budget is tight enough as it is.

  7. When I found out about this when they emailed me I was straight onto my account to remove all my images and then stopped using the site. I gladly stuck my fingers up to them for these changes as was bad enough when the amount of groups you could post to was capped for free users. Just another way of a company to try and get money out of people, and seems funny that they put the price of the pro up as they know people may go pro to keep their photos. Well screw you SmugMug and Flickr, I know plenty of people who have deleted their accounts and even people on pro accounts leaving you.

  8. I only have 350 pictures loaded on Flickr.
    Today I tried to load photos from my desktop and this message appeared:
    "Uh oh! You've reached the 1000 item upload limit."

    Loading through my smartphone APP works fine.

  9. Oh and that's not all,

    they've now announced that they will delete accounts wholesale due to "inactivity", which means even if your account had under the 1,000 photo limit, if you don't touch it in a while all your progress will go kaput anyway. So millions more images are going to be deleted regardless.

  10. Perhaps this is a fantastic way for Flickr to gain its new Renaissance to come back better than ever, I wouldn't mind pay for the PRO package if it means one of my favorite photography websites remains active for a long while.

  11. I had over 6500 amateur pics of events, places, scenes of nature. I considered the new charge. I considered the fact that the maximum views on any of my pics was about 100. I deleted my Flickr account and closed my Yahoo email. It wasn't worth it. I'm not looking for a new home for my pics. Free storage is going to vanish. Imageshack, Photobucket, Flickr – the writing is on the wall.

  12. The worrying part is not stupid flickr, but this "Catalog" thing. The same happened in the translations industry, and although such initial schemes didn't work, they sparked the appetite of legitimate agencies which reduced rates to translators by half! Right now, we' re at 40% of what we used to get paid, while the end-client gets no discount. Client and producer are punished, the intermediate parasite gets most of the fee!

  13. The title says they screw photographers but you recognize it's still a great value and have chosen to stay with them. Why are you putting them on blast then choosing to stay with their service?

  14. The only thing that flickr is good because of the image quality that it provides. But it will change sooner or later, more and more platforms will start offering the same quality. It is just a matter of time.

  15. Oh no, Flickr is charging $1 per week for unlimited Full-Res photo storage? That's outrageous! If anyone thinks that's too much money for cloud storage, they're not serious enough. Move alone, nothing to see here.

  16. I like the mic. Maybe you can try it out in one of you videos. Thanks. Concerning flickr, I just opened a free account so I can follow photographers I like. But, I probably won't post very many pictures myself.

  17. Very sad. Flickr was bought by a company that knows photography. You want to tear a company apart that no longer cares about artists, look at Vimeo. Anyway, as a long-term Flickr user they never bombarded me with emails to pay my Pro fee. I let it lapse. Then when the $30 promo happened I paid again for a pro account. So in a sense, they gave me 6 months free for Pro storage. I've had problems with Flickr in the past, but I want to give the new management the benefit of the doubt. Why can't you? I don't get it. You'll take an advertisement for a sound mic, for video, which really has NOTHING to do with photography and then trash a photo company? If that's what you need to make money with your channel then again, I'm saddened. I still get great enjoyment looking at other photographer's work on Flickr. You might try that sometime. Attacking Flickr does no one any good that I can see. It still does things no other site does, far as I know.

  18. I remember well during 2004 when Yahoo Photos website was permitting unlimited number of photos for upload and storage. Which was unbelievable. Of course that didn't last long. Yahoo bought Flickr in 2005. In 2007 Flickr was merged with Yahoo Photos and you could only see a limit number of your photos of former Yahoo Photos for free.
    In 2013 Flickr allowed one terabyte of storage for photos for free. Of course this was unbelievable too. And now you can see only the last 1000 photos for free.
    They lure you at the beginning to trust them and spent much of your time to upload your photos for free and afterwards they force you to pay in order to see them.
    Totally dishonest internet companies.

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