Some great news for analog photographers this week as we saw announcements from both Kodak and Polaroid. Kodak are slated to have a limited release of Ektachrome soon and full production next year. Polaroid have aquired the Impossible Project and are producing film once again under the sub brand – Polaroid Originals. Polaroid Originals will be making a new series of instant film called i-type.

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45 thoughts on “GREAT news for FILM PHOTOGRAPHY”

  1. This has been your most interesting video. I love your videos, but this particular one was edited in such a way that captivated me. It was upbeat, funny, quirky, and to the point. Your cuts were awesome too. Thanks for this one!

  2. Polaroid coming back excited me at first because I have a mint condition working One Step that I would've loved to shoot on again but their prices for film are absurd. $24+ for 8 measly exposures (not even a regular 10-pack like they used to sell) is too steep for me. It's supposed to be fun, not bankrupt me. I guess my One Step will remain a conversation piece

  3. Ted, great channel. I’m getting back into film photography after a 20 year break. Started building a darkroom again. Do you have a video on Caffenol development?

  4. Meanwhile i'm still waiting for a lifersign of Kodaks biiiig announced Super8 revival. Still nothing but pricetags for a vaporware camera and no news about how the developing and scanning of exposed super 8 cassettes will be handled. But hey, at least more lifesigns of the Ektachrome.

  5. I am not interested in film but I am interested in photography, so thank you for the info. It is being shared. And, more significantly, thank you for having the courage to share yourself having fun, You are having fun doing this and I am having fun watching it.

  6. Hi Ted, been following you for about 5yrs. I live in old East Dallas close to Deep Ellum. Have not tuned in for a while but decided to do so this morning. Enjoyed the content and flow of this. Thank you again!

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