Camera Comparison: Huawei P30 & P30 Pro
P30 Pro

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34 thoughts on “Huawei P30 & P30 Pro | in-depth Camera Review/Comparison”

  1. Huawei definitely got problems with ISP unit.They said in the anouncement of kirin 980.We double it from 970 so i think they did not pass to new gen.It is still lacking behind in terms of quality and smoothness compared to samsung or apple eventho the Arm structure that they use for this gen as sammy and qualcomm use already supports 4k 60 fps by years.

  2. Very good comparison thanks so much. ¿What phone would you say has the best camera? ¿Pixel 3? ¿S10? ¿Other? I have a pixel 2 xl but I still think it has one of the best cameras out there. Cheers!

  3. Wow 👍 a good details camera review.. There's non much difference between two… But are you getting the update software of march on p30 non pro before this review because it has an improved camera features like it said it was 626 mega i think.. But i couldn't tell the difference.. I think before upgrading the cam was better on p30.. Maybe i don't. Know…

  4. Thanks for the detailed review! Very helpful. I sort of feel P30 Pro is slightly better than P30, especially for the longer range and OIS. I don't expect the 5X optical zooming on P30 Pro would be very useful considering the tiny sensor size.

    The image processing algorithm on P30 is actually more mature as the camera setup is almost identical to P20 Pro. I personally don't think it's worthy extra $300 ($599 vs $899 on B&H) to get P30 Pro after watching your video.

  5. With all of Huawei abilities to create a good to great photo experience, why are they so bad in videology? It's a few generations behind in quality and stabilization

  6. well i would say, for me, the p30 pro have a very impressive cameras. its not a downgrade for me. the image qualities are superb and that zoom is very useful for me. good thing i trust myself than what youtubers say abt this phone.

  7. Excellent work as usual Damir. I'm just not seeing a huge difference in photos I'm seeing between these two phones. Of course the Pro has more premium features and better overall hardware, but I'm not sure if it's enough for me to buy the Pro version. I feel the P30 is the best high-end mid-range phone on the market right now. Pretty good chance I'm going to buy it unless the new Oneplus or cheaper Pixel phones really surprise me.

  8. 100K subs!! Gratuliere =)
    I have the p30 pro at a great price so I will probably be sell my mate 20 pro but not because it isn't better. I do think it does take some better pictures though.

  9. Thank you for the review, actually after watching tons of reviews, I guess where the Huawei excels is the night shots and zoom capabilities, but other than that, it's avarage compared to other flagships, and way worse in videograohy

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