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Insect Apocalypse

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Insect apocalypse is coming, and it could come soon. It would be nice if we had some idea of when this is going to happen, and it might also be nice to know what to do before the end of days. It is the final chapter in the book by Peter Clines, titled “Anatomy of a Zombie Apocalypse” and it covers the life cycle of a single insect, the termites. We take a look at how the termites would survive in the event of an insect apocalypse, and then we are going to talk about the science behind a zombie apocalypse.

So let’s start with what we know so far about a zombie apocalypse. There are two major types of zombie. First, there are zombie birds and insects that are actually being brought back by the undead. In the movies, it is usually a plague zombie. They have no memory of who they are, and in some cases, they are actually not undead. 

A study from the University of Toronto says it’s time to start planning for the coming insect apocalypse.

“Our findings suggest that at some point in the future, insect outbreaks will become an even more significant threat to agricultural yields than the plague of locusts and the devastating winter wheat disease that ravaged wheat growing regions in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries,” said David Barber, a U of T professor in the Faculty of Environment, who led the study.

“There is still much uncertainty around the exact timing of this future event, however, given that insect outbreaks tend to affect farmers very quickly and also because some of the key species involved in these outbreaks are highly abundant, they pose a significant threat to the global food supply.”

The research was published in the journal Pest Science.

A major insect apocalypse is likely to hit parts of Southwestern Ontario.

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