After 8 MONTHS & 17,000 photos, we tell you everything we’ve learned about the AMAZING Nikon D850 ( Portraits, landscapes, timelapses, sports, 4k video, street photography, travel, and more!

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38 thoughts on “Nikon D850 Review: Best Camera Ever?”

  1. excellent video and good info, i had a nikon d3s for past 8 years and i couldn't get a xtra battery for it in india so i sold it and bought a d7200 i have many fx lenses and also dx lenses, after seeing your video iam going to buy a D850 camera , thanks for your video

  2. Samples from d810 and d850 do not show an amazing increase in IQ, the samples also show a somewhat sterile look akin to a crop camera. How is this possible? Too many pixels crammed?

  3. Best camera ever! Medium format analogue cameras are still better and they take true photographers to use them. When I see cameras like this, crammed with shit you don't even need, I see people who are to lazy to learn how to understand light and not wanting to learn theory starting with something like a 35mm analogue camera. Cameras like this don't make you a good photographer, they make you less skilled. Great photos don't come from high megapixels and auto focus, they come from a creative mind, visionm understanding light and the cameras fundamental settings.

  4. Best ever vdo ever I have seen… i hope the cost of making this vdo is something expensive.. great.. got a proper overview of the product.. need to learn when I use it

  5. Surprised the shutter button wasn't just held down for the sake of holding it down then complaining about filling the buffer like the A9. 200 pictures of the ice skaters doing the same pirouette please……yaaayyyy!

  6. the only thing is that since the quality is crazy awesome… during portraits you can see all the imperfections in the model's face… which mean a lot of photoshop postroducion

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