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45 thoughts on “Photography News & Reader Photo Review #4, PERV PICK OF THE WEEK!”

  1. That is my hummingbird shot 🙂 They were using Lightroom 5, if I'm not mistaken. Not sure but I think in LR 5 the adjustment brush has a noise reduction option. I still have LR 3 and went back and used adjustment brush and lowered the clarity on just the background and voila, no more background noise.

  2. Okay, I'm halfway in to the critiques and we're just past black and white line guy. And it occurred to me that both of you are sitting in front of a computer it seems. You may be using a TV or something as the monitor while tethered at a distance, but maybe not. One thing I haven't heard you mention is that the distance you are from the image also plays a role. There is one more thing… As you go through the pictures it would be ni so we can see if they framed it themselves in camera or cropped

  3. I like the effect when my photo was badly out of focus until switched to b/w. It instantly became sharp with lots of details.

    I guess, the image has a lot of details (it does) and re-sizing it to viewing size takes some time.

    I saw this marks on the trees, yellow and red are trail marks, can not remove them, alas. Green patches are different story are moss patches. But b/w image does look nice.

    The title for the picture is 'The pathway I chose'. So, loneliness is part of it.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Ah, nice shot, Patrick, and thanks for reading the book! Re: the RB67, I just use an iPhone Light Meter app, and then remember to add some exposure as indicated by the graphs on the side of the bellows… but if you have specific questions, let me know!

  5. Hey Tony & Chelsea, I took the shot at 1:12:30. It's the first thing I've shared since joining the group so I uploaded something recent that I was proud of. And although you didn't have any criticism, you really helped me understand what made it a good picture, so thanks!

    On a different note; I coincidentally also own an RB67, and I was wondering if you could share your experiences with it (maybe on the forums?), especially regarding reading light on the go

  6. I know the 622c that I have are very reliable. I actually wanted to keep the 580ex ii and sell the 430ex ii, but are the yongnuo flash that reliable (fires when you need it to, proper flash metering and exposure)? If the are than I would consider selling all my canon flashes and get 2 yn-600ex-rt and one of the trigger that accompanies it, allowing me to save some money.

  7. At the 39 minute mark, when you talk about reducing the luminance noise in the hummingbird photo background, you create an adjustment brush, but then you use the luminance slider in the Details panel. Wouldn't the luminance slider in the Details panel always apply to the entire photo? I would think you would have to use the Local Adjustments panel Noise slider in conjunction with the adjustment brush.

  8. I am really excited about the yongnuo flash and triggers. Thanks for that update! I am already trying to see what I am going to sell from my existing gear, to get some of the yongnuo flashes. I already have some of their yn-622c and they work great with my canon 580exii and 430ex ii. I am really looking forward to trying out their yn-600ex rt flash & the new yn-622C-tx trigger.

  9. you lovely couple are a bit forgetful haha 😀
    details on the long lasting steel wool shot were posted in the group ( so you were right about seeing the photo before this video, it's in the facebook group posted along with details as to how it was achieved ).

  10. Yes, zooming in with live view is a good option for critical manual focus, but it really only works when the camera is on a tripod and you're shooting a still subject. Even the slight movements of your hands or a breathing subject will be enough to lose critical focus.

  11. Hi, Anthony. I included every picture; if your shot was missed, it's because of technical difficulties. Maybe 1 out of 20 shots gets corrupted for some reason the web masters haven't been able to figure out. Sorry about that! Please do re-upload it for this week's comparison.

  12. Yeah they have focus confirm but its just letting you know its right around focused there is still quite a bit of play in the area where it tells you its in focus. I thought it would be kinda neat to have a manual focusing lens but in reality its just not worth the frustration of missing once in a lifetime shots. Though Zeiss wide angles with manual focus for doing landscape work still interest me.

  13. Thanks for your nice video. To get a critic of my photos where I should send to you? I already have your book and I already read half of it. It is really nice book. I have also joined your Facebook private group.

  14. Well, Zeiss is kinda weird. I dunno if their lenses have connectors or something to ATLEAST help with confirming focus. I've tried using non-cpu lenses with some Canon DSLRs and they work with atleast confirming… well, some of them atleast. Nikon's vintage glass, which has NO connectors at all, work wonders in confirming focus.

  15. Fun to see one of my pictures reviewed. Mine was the silhouette of the kid (my son Max) jumping out of the swing @ 46:45. It was definitely dangerous- for me 🙂 I was laying inches from where he landed and he thought it was pretty funny coming so close to making dad talk like mom. Oh- and this was my first time submitting a picture for review so you hadn't seen it before, unless you saw in the SDP facebook group postings. SDP Norcal photo walk- Woot!!

  16. I tried the Zeiss 50mm 1.4 for a week which only has manual focus. The lens is a work of art and the quality was great around F2.0 but the manual focus is just a waste of time these days. I'd think I had everything in focus but when I get home I'd only have a handful of usable shots. Maybe with a focusing screen (that would make all my other lenses harder to use) it would be better but I just don't see the point of it.

  17. Funny you ask about Devil's Hopyard, because we drove there today to get some pictures of the fall colors… and turned away at the last second when we remembered that it was Columbus Day and it would be crowded. But yeah, we go there regularly.

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