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PolarPro Limited Collection Filters

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Recently I purchased a 4 Filter ND pack from PolarPro. This specific filter pack was part of their Cinema grade filters, specifically the “Limited Collection.”

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the quality. I’ve come to rely on the ND32 as a great all around filter. I can use it from mid day to near sunset with spectacular results. ND64 is a bit of a different story. Even at mid day it can cut the light a bit too much.

My main concerns with ND filters, is that being in a West coast climate, we have far too much sunlight. I felt that ND values below 32 wouldn’t be enough to compensate for bright days.

With the Osmo Pocket I’m mostly shooting 24P, with a set shutter speed of 1/50th. This necessitates the need for a ND filter to cut down on the sunlight.

As it turns out, the ND32 is a perfect sweet spot for cutting out daylight. While shooting shots across an ocean or marina, it was still a tad hot, but manageable.

Regarding the ND64 filters, at the time I was filming I thought they were fine. In post, however, I discovered that they really cut down on the light. The image quality degraded to a point where color grading was easily breaking the images into banding, especially in the sky. This was most unfortunate.

Had I stuck with ND32 and ND32 Polarizer, I would have been much better off.

I was still able to salvage the shots, but it required considerable gain in Highlights, while adjusting the contrast and levels. Below are some examples from the footage. While it seemed to work out, I noticed I couldn’t push the grading very much. LUT’s that I normally use would quickly degrade color ranges with banding issues.

Pre-Post (ND64P)

After Post / Grading

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