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Psychic Guru enters Portal

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Breaking Science News! Psychic guru enters portal at Mars base laboratory  and is sent by “savior” back to Earth.

Psychic guru receives telepathic message from “savior” which says, “we need to meet” and “will help to find you” and “the way to earth is open and we want to help you.”

Psychic guru is asked to return to Earth and to send message to his/her people via telepathy. Psychic Guru tells his/her people: “We were sent here by a messenger in the form of a human being who wishes to communicate directly with our people. This message came directly from a higher level of intelligence, a higher consciousness, and it is now our responsibility to convey it to you. It is the only way that we can answer your questions. We hope to come to Earth shortly to meet you.”

Psychic Guru tells his people that he was brought here by “the one.”


The first of many experiments of Elon Musk with his new invention: “A psychic portal”. In order to test the prototype of his machine, he sends out a man with special abilities.

However, the psychic portal doesn’t always go to the right place… A strange woman arrives in his home, whereupon the man decides to use the machine for the first time.

However, this time, the results are different. When he tries to explain the situation to his wife, who also experiences the same strange feeling, she does not believe him and tells him that she cannot see anything strange.

After the incident, the man leaves town. When he comes back, he discovers that a strange man named Albert Hofmann is working at the laboratory instead of Elon Musk.

When Hofmann asks about the incident, the man tells him about how he had met the woman, and how he had sent her to another dimension. The man doesn’t believe him, but the scientist does not want to believe either.

This event lead to the strange lack of faith in Mars Base’s administration. The latest Psychic, an anonymous Psychic Guru, has now claimed to have met a savior in the portal.

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