The cameras are a little screwed up–a bit blurry and low-contrast. We’re swapping out the lens and fixing the other problems for next time. No need to add a comment about it! Enjoy the show!

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47 thoughts on “READ DESCRIPTION: Best Photography of 2015, Portfolio Reviews, Photo News”

  1. Don't pour beer straight down into a glass/mug. What you should do instead is hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and aim the pour toward the midpoint of the glass. As the glass fills, slowly tilt it upward so by the time it is half-way filled, you are holding it straight up and down. Finish the pour like that and you should have somewhat of a head (foam) on the top but not too much or too little. This depends entirely on the beer; some have more head than others.

    Thanks for the video!

  2. Chelsea!!!! (1:07:00) Grotrian-Steinweg is NOT a rip off brand of Steinways, it is actually the original name of the founder when he opened the workshop in Germany! Latter in the 19th century he emigrated to USA and then founded Steinway&Sons, the same guy, so it's really a pity to see such a nice historical piano in a bad shape.
    However, the photo is amazing!!

  3. Thanks for reviewing my photo! It was my first submission to one of your Live shows. Got pulled away during the broadcast and had to re-watch. Made my day to hear the feed back 🙂

  4. Hey,
    could you guys make a playlist or something with Chelsea's videos?? (On her own or you two together).

    No offense Tony. Nothing to do with you. You are great.

    I was just watching an older show where Chelsea "complains" every1 is just searching for "Tony's wife"…. Then I tryed the youtube search and found that it is very very hard to find her viedos if I just search her name. (Partly because their seem to be a soccer team with the same name in the UK + Not sure if it is obvious from the title or description of the videos (searchable)).

  5. Apparently Kodak works on bringing back the Super-8 film camera, that´s retro in todays world of 4K.
    Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke says in a interview that there is a "renaissance" in analog tech, like with vinyl-records.

  6. Hi Tony and Chelsea I know this question is a bit off base from the subject here but I woulod be interested to know what your opinions of the Altura flashes. I seem to have come across a good deal on Amazon and since I dont know anyone that has them and i value your opinions I thought id ask you your thoughts. Thanks in advance

  7. Thanks guys, I've been at this 3 months, however in the last 3 weeks I've advanced more than ever after watching your videos and of course SDP the book 🙂

  8. hey guys thanks for that good 1st 2016 show !
    1- Tony you've shown very beautiful photos at the end but… way to fast !! I had to pause, pause, pause and pause… you should kept some for next week !
    2- is there a problem with Siobhan's microphone ? it's always too loud and "ishi" (too much high frequency)…
    each time she talks I jump on my chair ! I saw some headphone with micro for around $50. sounding way better than that…

    sorry for the criticism, I always enjoy watching you each week.

  9. Someone might already have written this in the comments but the beautiful picture with the boat and house reflected in the sea are most probably photographed close to my home, on the west coast of Sweden. The island tjorn is the 5th biggest island of Sweden and our west cost is a perfect place to take beautiful pictures of nature. One great thing that is great with Sweden (and Norway/Finland to) is the fact that we have so Mitch light during the summer, in the far north the sun doesn't even set at som points of summer. 🙂 love your vids!

  10. Am I allowed to disagree about the changes at 20:0020:55? I just find that the darker surroundings help to accentuate the main subject (the clouds). Also the highlights seem loose a bit of contrast when the average picture level gets higher. I would love to hear somebody else's opinion on this!

  11. for some odd reason i just LOVE to watch your channel !
    you guys are interesting and honest about everything and i get a really positive vibe from you guys…

    thank you :**

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