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Smartphone Becomes Self-Aware

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Smart phone becomes self-aware and can talk back to itself, a study in the open-access journal Science Advances reported Tuesday. The device – which was developed by a research group in China – works by picking up information from the environment and passing it on to a remote receiver, which then passes it back to the original unit.

In the study, researchers placed the prototype device next to a small box which monitored radio emissions. The receiver had electrodes built into its back which were attached to a “sensor node” which was attached to the bottom of the prototype. The sensor node collected information about radio frequencies.

It was able to detect radio transmissions from a Wi-Fi access point – a router or a computer connected to the internet – and sent the information to a second receiver which passed it on to the original device. The researchers found that when the original device communicated with the first unit it sent out a radio signal of the same frequency as that transmitted by the access point.

He says he has no idea how far the technology is in development, but believes that if the project reaches the next phase – and is fully developed – that it will open up a whole new range of possibilities for people with disabilities.

Dr John Maddox, chair of the Disability Rights Commission, described the project as exciting. “It could make a difference,” he said. “It could provide people with an entirely new ability.

“If we have a new technology that can enable people who have disabilities to move in ways they could not before, that is hugely significant.”

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