Along with my travel content, I want to make some other fun videos whilst at home so this is episode 3 of my Tech Talk series, Today I’m looking at the $900 Sony A6400. In my opinion, it’s a pretty amazing camera for this price and perfect as a vlogging camera, what do you think?

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Release date in February 2019

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21 thoughts on “SONY A6400 FULL Review! Best Vlogging Camera?”

  1. out of the 10+ a6400 review videos i've watched, this is the only one that fails to mention that the flip screen will get blocked by the microphone, and thats taking into account some sony biased channels.

  2. Congratulation for ur new caméra bro 😍
    I always dream to have a camera .. Doesn't matter what kind .. Just camera that I can take a beautiful photo with it .. 😞😞 . here in Africa . it's kind hard to get one .. Anyway keep going bro 💪✌
    PS: if u don't need or u don't use any of ur old cameras.. Can u send me one 💞😖 that will be like a dream come true .. Plzz bro plzzz
    I can make video about it .( camera arrived ) .. Plz bro plzz . just a old camera

  3. Someone on the Sony Website wrote a review saying "Doesn't record standard 1080 MP4, The a6400 does not record standard 1080 MP4. Meaning, you can't transfer video to your phone and upload to social media. I have a a6500, bought this a6400 for focus improvements. However, if I can't do quality video in MP4 it makes a6400 useless to me." Is this true?

  4. Hi friend, thank you for your review on the camera and its positives and negatives. Appreciate your honest conversation and the real time picture and video examples, helps me actually see what is does under normal use vs. just staring at the camera and pointing at it… I've subscribed AND am going to pick one up for sure! Thanks!

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