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44 thoughts on “STREET Photography, Chit Chat and the Latest Photo News: Tony & Chelsea LIVE!”

  1. Hey guys, love your videos and watch them carefully – learning new things in each one of them. There was a great question in this video ( @ 15:20 ) about less noise using higher iso, but Chris Reddy said that it might be a difference between the amount of ambient light, basically "using high iso in low light vs high iso in high light". That absolutely sounds like a Tony test and I am just curious if it was ever tested – cause I can't seem to find a video like that on your channel – and anywhere on youtube for that matter. But honestly, even if there is a youtube video about that, I doubt anybody will be able to test and explain that as good as Tony.

  2. You don't always have to follow the rule of thirds? Anarchist! BTW – your mannequin, Mrs. Uhuelmehe, was no distraction, and I used that process last weekend for a portrait for a friend's book.

  3. 32:32 was the best shot of this show and it was completely ignored! Stellar composition and storytelling, clearly a lot of thought and skill put into it. Stathis Floros, if you're reading this, great job.

  4. i am a beginner. i feel like both of u are the best one to help me buy my first dslr. m confused between canon 200d and nikon d5300. please help me out. i will be very much thankful to u. thanks…..

  5. Great show, I love street photography mostly because I'm crap at it, so enjoy looking at everyone elses. Also, while you guys are talking about news the Live Chat was like the Manny Ortiz appreciation society 🙂

  6. General photographers like Tony and Chelsea should stay away from street photography. It's a completely different game. I've seen plenty of very skilled photographers try street photography and fail miserably. Street photography takes lots of practice to both learn and stay in shape and one cannot criticize street photography with a normal photographers eye.

  7. dear t&c and team, could you maybe include in your link list below the video the link to the time when you present and explain the next theme? greatly appreciated, thanks 🙂

  8. Chris is absolutely right (in my experience). In a well lit photo, higher ISO adds less noticeable noise than the same exact ISO when shooting a dark scene. "It's like a free ride, when you've already paid":) Use ISO 5000 to shoot your kid blowing out birthday candles and it's only good for the trash. Use ISO 5000 to shoot the action at a sunny little league game, and you're golden….go figure. We anxiously await Tony's analysis.

  9. Maybe not the appropriate video to post this question, but had to ask. I’m looking to upgrade my standard lens. I’m currently shooting on Nikon D7100 with 18-200mm, Nikon 35mm f1.8, Tamron 60mm f2.0 macro and Tamron 70-200mm f2.8. I’m feeling quite limited by the 18-200 though, and since I’m going to Australia pretty soon I thought it might be a good idea to upgrade now. Would you have any suggestions?

  10. Just to pick up on your definition of street photography, which appeared not be thought out before the show and Justin used one resource to establish that it is to include people, while to a large extent people feature, they are not defining it. If you research wider and more specifically you will find that “Street photography is candid photography of life and human nature. People do not need to be present for an image to be considered a street photograph. Love the shows by the way, keep up the great content.

  11. I believe what Chris was saying about the difference between low light and high iso and good light high iso. I have noticed the same thing, also another great wildlife photographer i follow has said always "ETTR" expose to the right of the histogram so i try and follow that rule.

  12. As a mere serf my presence here is irrelevant. However, (gasp!) I have an opinion about something and in fear and trepidation and with my balls in my hand, I am going to express it.
    Dun. Dun. Dunnnn!
    I cannot see how, especially in the UK, I can get into problems legally for taking pictures of people on the street where every five feet there is a surveillance camera, either official or private, doing the same thing to the same people. If it's good for the cops & shops it is good for me.
    TIP for other serfs: NEVER be critical of anything these two do. They are absolutely certain everything they do is right which means YOU are automatically wrong and that means they will snigger at you with their friends behind your back because they are grown up and sophisticated enough to do that. Although to be fair to them, when someone calls YOUR wife the most sexy woman on the planet and THEN SAYS he wants her for a mother, perhaps Tony and Chelsea have a point and they ought to snigger. Who the hell WANTS to have sexy thoughts about his mother. Dude! Go see a doctor.

  13. I had a great pic to submit this week but could not make the time. You should allow submissions for 12-24hrs before going live and I will filter them as they fit into the week's theme. That way you will have better photos to present on the show

  14. you can sell street photography its not that difficult or illegal, you will have difficulty if its used for advertising, ie, misrepresentation, the laws are different country to country

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