50 thoughts on “This is the first-ever picture of a black hole”

  1. Does space have an end? Does it go on forever or is space also a sphere? A sphere that its size is so large it’s unthinkable. If so what’s outside of space? It can’t go on forever that would be impossible? I think? Makes my head spin thinking about it. Maybe black holes are the only way to travel outside of space. Dang. I’m confused on what I just wrote.

  2. You know what? What if a "Black Hole" is just a security system implemented by higher dimensional beings to prevent anything less than the tolerance power of a black hole and that we are to be held captive unless whatever is in the universe can ascend beyond it. Like the theory of how the universe began is just a succesful experiment similar to that of spliting an atom and we have become a byproduct of whatever the experiment was.

  3. THIS IS NOT A PICTURE OF A BLACK HOLE! If this was a picture it would've been taken with an optical telescope like Hubble yet it was take via multiple radiotelescopes thus it's an image! Also I wouldn't call it an image of a black hole either for one simple reason – you cannot see a black hole by definition but you can see an Event Horizon and the scientists made an image of it :).

  4. Omg, if you people honestly believe that “scientists” have taken a photo of a “black hole” 300 QUINTILLION MILES AWAY, you need your stupid heads examined. There’s no effing way in HELL these lying, Luciferian, Kabbalist a-holes could possibly take a photo of anything that far away from Earth. What’s the matter with you people?! Have you all gone stark-raving mad??? UNBELIEVABLE.

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