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45 thoughts on “Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Backlit Photography, Photo News, Portfolio Reviews!”

  1. What can I say. I enjoy you guys. I really like watching your videos. I'm such a fan of your blend of personalities. Genuine and fun. Life is short, keep giving us who you are, and enjoy a great cocktail at the same time. Does it get any better than this!

  2. Tony you should talk conspiracy theories and your opinions on off topic subjects more often. It would be good if you can relate it somehow to photography such as the moon landing photos that are used as evidence to suggest it was hoaxed.

    Tell us your opinion on more things

  3. I opine the picture of the woman in the white dress, instead of picking up a rock, seems more likely to have used it to sink and her expression in the photo storyline may suggest that of suicide.

  4. "Who's got two thumbs and loves backlighting? This guy." I just about fell off my stool laughing. Also, I really liked Chelsea's crop on the two-tower bridge picture. It was a good lesson on not getting locked into wide angles in landscapes. I also really respected your answer on when it was time to get new gear.

  5. Guys, I have to say, you are just too nice for this kind of critique show. People come to videos like this to get pointers to improve. You barely said a negative thing about any of the photos!

  6. I am a new viewer, thanks for the format: I really love all the different sections. I am a beginner so I hope it will help to improve. See you the next time!

    PS: Lavazza is italian, ad I am 😉 You're right pur coffee is the best hahaha

  7. Can you guys clarify the maths around hss , wot is takes out of a speedlights power and how it is simmilar and more easilly understood if you imagine using an nd filter to get the ambient to where you want it to be ant a normal sync speed and how that nd filter reduces the flash input to the sensor too , maths should make them equal and pls let people understand this …If you want to shoot in broad daylight at f1.8 with a lovely sky exposed correctly and your subject lit nicely that this is not possible just using hss and a speedlight , you will need a 600watt sec portable strobe , some folks make it look like it can work but wot they hide is that it maybe at f16 or 22 and this will not produce seperation . And also pls explain how cheap strobes power output is over a longer flash burst which if longer that than the shutter speed is just like permanent light and wasted light when the actual power burst has to be within the shutterspeed of the shot , ie , packing all that power into under 1/8000 …To make this easier for folks to understand pls explain that the f stop calculations are binarry ie doubling so if you are needing more light 2 over one speedlight on full power is just one stoop , to get another stop you will need anothr 2 on full power to get another stop you will need 4 and for another stop you will need 8 , now this is getting expensive n crazy and when a strobe works out cheaper . This seems to be a big sales point but just a con re hss , they fail to tell you the perceptual power sap on a speedlight . Kind wishes n much love , A .

  8. Tony's got erectile dysfunction. I can't trust you as a photographer now. Also Chelsea, I'm very idealistic too and it might be immature but it is what it is. When somebody is unfair I make it known. I don't have a filter when it comes to that. It has gotten me in trouble but when I look back I have no regrets. People on the internet don't understand the nuance of this stuff. They see you getting angry and they do that bullshit black and white thinking that the internet is famous for. They don't ask themselves why you were so angry, they just see anger and say "wow that's immature oh well time to go bash celebrities on Twitter." You were genuinely offended and you reacted like a normal, oxygen breathing, homo sapien would react to that stuff. I can guarantee most people criticizing you for that could not handle the amount of harassment you guys receive simply being Youtubers. Also I have a photo of a bird feeding from a bird feeder that I think is funny I want to send your way. Please look at it but don't let Tony look at it because, you know. I can't trust his judgment 😛

  9. Hi Tony! Travelling to Yosemite from Norway this summer. I already got a 7d w/ a 50mm. Which budget lense would you buy for this trip? I'm thinking maybe the 16-300, or should i go with a lense with shorter focal length and more sharpness?

  10. Is it just me or is the audio slightly out of sync? Like 200-300ms or so. I feel like the audio syncs better with the lip movement if i open the video in VLC and set audio delay to about 250-300ms.

  11. Tony…you mentioned Mirror lenses. As an experiment I took shots at the moon one clear night with a 500mm Mirror lens (a Vivitar, fixed at f4) and a very old manual Vivitar 75-205 f3.5. (Not the Series 1). Both with a tripod of course.

    I had to use Lightroom to slightly sharpen all the images, but the 75-205 was remarkably sharper. I could see details which I could easily verify with a map of the moon as to what i was exactly seeing. The mirror lens' image filled more of the frame but fine details were just not there.

    Moral of the story…for astral photography instead of a Mirror lens, get an old lens (manual is fine…you'll be focusing at infinity usually) or an adapter for a telescope if you're lucky enough to have one.

    Keep up the great work guys…I enjoy Chit Chat best of all. 🙂

  12. Hi Guys again great live show,,, Tony Mentioned Inglorious and I know Photographers watch movies in a total different light to the norm watching public. The movie story line could be shit… but just watching the DOP and focus puller work is amazing, please share top most Northrup watched movies… Much Love from Cape Town South Africa…

  13. No idea if the moon landing was real, nor do a really care. All I do know is my dad, grandpa, were paid to build help build the Apollo 11. My grandma was paid to take photos of it, which my dad might still have copies of those photos. All three worked for North American Rockwell. My dad helped build Apollo 11 through 17.

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