ATTN: We know, we know, the audio. We get it worked out after a bit. Hang in there! It was a fun show.

TL;DW? Read Siobhan’s recap here

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39 thoughts on “Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Complementary Colors Photography, Photo News & Portfolio Reviews!”

  1. I've been playing "catch-up" with your videos, watching them from 2-3 years back. This one, however, has to be the absolute worst you've ever done. The audio issues throughout, black spots when switching cameras, Chelsea texting on her phone and cleaning her nails, flipping through photos so fast there was hardly a chance to admire of critique them and then so much time talking about your favorite TV shows! Really? That's not why I watch your videos. I really like you guys and enjoy your comments, humor and critiques of the photos you show which were very limited here. I really hope this is not the direction you are planning to continue.

  2. While I like and enjoy your videos, I think the angle which your main camera is at is a bit too high. I am referring to the wide angle view of both Tony and Chelsea that appears to be staring down. It feels like i am almost standing over the top of you. Please drop this camera down a little.

  3. DxO is a software maker. That is their main business. Now that said I can't deal with the audio problems… if I get my hands on a hit of heroin I will give it another try…. I'm out.

  4. Great show this week. I learned so much about complementary colours (something I never put much thought into before) between Sarah Bowman's blog and the live show. Thank you for your review of my photo 18:07 (couple on the dock). I take your "this could be stock" comment as high praise with your background in stock photography. Cheers!

  5. I missed the show again. I had to go on a military exercise thing. It's mandatory if you are a member of the Norwegian Home Guard (Heimevernet). Kind of funny that I was prevented from watching a show on shooting subjects with cameras due to having to go shoot targets with guns. I must say I prefer shooting with cameras, though. Going to watch this tonight with a beer 🙂

  6. Great show. Informative, interesting, real. Keep up the good work! Love hearing your opinions on the many topics. I love British tv shows as well. Doc Martin to Broadchurch to George Gently.

  7. Awww, man, this makes me so sad. 🙁 After every drop of audio Tony & Chelsea appear again, just finishing talking about… something! Something that may or may not be interesting BUT I WILL NEVER KNOW.

    PS: Gud show, plaz do more, <3's and xoxo's

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