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Basic Starter Camera ($280 used): Canon T3
Better Starter Camera ($500): Nikon D5300
Better Travel Camera ($500): Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Good ($550): Sony a6000
Better ($1,400): Nikon D5500 & Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8
Best ($3,150): Pentax K-1 & Pentax 24-70 f/2.8

Beginner ($950): Canon T6i & Canon 50mm f/1.8
Better ($3,000): Nikon D610 & Tamron 70-200 f/2.8
Best ($5,300): Nikon D810 & Nikon 70-200 f/2.8E

Starter ($1,100): Canon 7D & Canon 400mm f/5.6
Great ($3,200): Nikon D500 & Nikon 200-500 f/5.6

Beginner ($500): Panasonic G7 & Panasonic 14-42mm
Better ($1,400): Panasonic GH4 & Panasonic 14-140 f/3.5-5.6
Best ($4,300): Panasonic GH5 & Metabones Speed Booster XL & Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 & Sigma 50-100 f/1.8

Beginner ($400): DJI Phantom 3
Travel ($1,000): DJI Mavic Pro
Better Image Quality ($1,500): DJI Phantom 4 Pro


34 thoughts on “Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Instant Reviews of Your Car Photography, Photo News, Portfolio Reviews!”

  1. Question Tony – I love the Sony camera products. I'd love to buy an A7sii for video production as my primary use. But I ask Sony why would I pay double the price just to add in body stabilization and A full frame which is not the much larger? Please help me understand this Tony

  2. Great video as always Tony and Chelsea! Just a quick question, what lens do you recommend for a 70D for car photography? Was thinking the Sigma 18-35 1.8 but the lack of IS worries me for some rolling shots I want to do. Look forward to haring back!

  3. +Tony Northrup

    Ok a bit late – but the Samsung and Nikon thing.
    A lot of people don't realise how much WWII has stained Japan in Asia.
    My family is Chinese and I have uncles who won't buy a Japanese camera (they ask me for altenatives – Samsung or Lecia) or cars.

    The antipathy is worse for the Koreans, since they were colonised by Japan for so long.

    Re on sensor phase detect – Nikon 1 afaik the first mainstream camera with on sensor PDAF. And Nikon design their own sensors for their flagship.

    Thanks for your shows – really enjoy them.

  4. Hi, I read your book, it was awesome!

    Also, who makes better sensors, Sony or Samsung? Sony's sensors get all of the love, so do you think it will be better for Nikon shooters (like me) to have a Samsung or a Sony sensor?

    Keep up the great work!

  5. For my Car Pictures I use an effect that I call "Focus by Defocus" which is a Unique Photo Processing that Emphasize the Main Subject by Defocusing with Effects or Blurs Distracting Picture Elements or People for the Viewers' Entertainment Purposes. Visit my site and check my Car Pictures at "SportsCarBible", Thank You!

  6. That was a great ending 🙂 You definitely need a "REKT by Chelsea" segment. My favorite part of when Chelsea makes jokes she always looks at Siobhan for approval…"is she laughing? yes? BOOM still got it"

  7. About 13:58 you probably know but just in case, you can switch between tools in one category with pressing shift and related shortcut for example shift + w will switch between Quick selection and magic wand.

  8. 25:54 thanks tony and Chelsea for reviewing my photo (F1 Ferrari – Alonso – Monza – 2013)… Some people in the live chat asked about the settings and gear used. It was taken with a Canon 500d and sigma 120-400 mm f4.5-5.6 … focal length was 273mm : iso 100 : f-11 : 1/100 sec… as tony correctly said, I started with a fast shutter speed and went slower until I get a good setting… Thanks again T&C, yours video have help me a lot… ps I have books too

  9. Samsung + Nikon:
    Rumor says: Nikon 4k is coming. At least if the suggested Specs of the D400 and D5 are real. Or are you suggesting it will be already Samsung tech.

    Question about Professional Nikon DX:
    What about that D400. I think this might also be a competitor for the 7D.
    Of cause the D400 has been rumored for years… And the D5 is still a bit more substentiated… But it looks like it will finaly come after the D5 in the first half od 2016.

  10. Hi Tony! Could you make a review video on the new Nikon 200-500mm f5.6? Also comparing that with the sigma and tamron 150-600mm could be a great idea! Would really appreciate it if you do post a video on this!

  11. Yay for Photorec Toby!!!!!!! I've already warned about the 33 foot owl on their channel. I wanted them to be aware of the incantations that goes on. Please go along with it Tony. Act real serious and say, "So I've got this 33 foot owl you wanna see it?" Please do it. If you can wear your free masonry ring that would be great. I'd get Chelsea to hide the circle she gets in with the cameras. That's a bit far. But I know you don't have an owl it's a joke…. I know you go to California at the Bohemian club to see it. But I like to joke about it being in your yard.

  12. Regarding the chit chat comment, Tony is always so chill when people say stupid s*#t. Way to put that dude in his place Chelsea. You guys had me laughing the way you handled that one!

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