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Today we’re looking at creative pictures of SHOES–an unusual request designed to get you out of your comfort zone, taking new pictures.

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50 thoughts on “Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Shoe Photography, Photo News & Portfolio Reviews!”

  1. Damn, you two (four) entertain me so much! I just love the wicked humor of Chelsea and the serious nerd attitude of Tony. You just complimet each other so well… 🙂
    Btw: At that little situation at 29:28 I totally lost it! That's my kind of humor – and Siobhan instantly knew what was up… ^_^

  2. Hey Tony.

    The crop factor debate never seems to let up! Another good example is that putting a teleconverter on a lens makes it behave optically very similarly to using a cropped lens (in terms of total light at least). And the teleconverter folks are pretty straightforward about it. The B&H page for Canon's 2x lists "Light Loss: 2 stops" in the specifications. The cool thing about the rule of thumb math is it lets you get a feel for something like an iPhone, which has an 1/3in sensor, f/2.2 lens, base ISO of 32, and a 4.15mm focal length. That maps to f/16, 30mm, ISO 230 "full-frame" pictures. With fairly similar noise/dynamic-range/depth-of-field in both.

    DpReview also tested (and confirmed) total light equivalence in a pretty straightforward test:

  3. I would like to see dates
    Next subject is tree this be due by Deb 11, 2016 by what time?
    Do u accept pic all week?

    I love this
    Can I send pic thAt I've taken in past? Loonnggg time ago ??

  4. I would like to see dates
    Next subject is tree this be due by Deb 11, 2016 by what time?
    Do u accept pic all week?

    I love this
    Can I send pic thAt I've taken in past? Loonnggg time ago ??

  5. I would like to see dates
    Next subject is tree this be due by Deb 11, 2016 by what time?
    Do u accept pic all week?

    I love this
    Can I send pic thAt I've taken in past? Loonnggg time ago ??

  6. I would love a video that talks about the naming scheme of all these cameras. I know the basic naming schemes like 7D, 5D, but then you have 5DSR, 5DMKIII, then the Sony A7RII or A7S, honestly it gets confusing. I can look up all these specs and see the differences but I also want to know the rationale behind the different cameras. Like is the A7S better at low light or…? Why did the 5D get a MKIII and not the 7D? What is it about the 5D that they made 3 different generations of? I think this sort of thing would be helpful to a lot of your subscribers, thumbs up if you agree.

  7. Tony, loved the Chelsea unfiltered segment around minute 50. Adding as a regular feature will drive higher viewer numbers, producing more trolls, which provides new content for Chelsea to riff off of. Win all around.

  8. I was at the photo pro network expo in Cincinnati this weekend and the picture of the shoes on the clear walkway was in the print competition there! I was thinking I've seen this picture somewhere then realized it was your show!

  9. +Tony Northrop – RAW sucks! (nah not really).
    You should have a cage fight with Jarrod "I shoot RAW" Polen and settle the question.

    Re Pulp Fiction Bad MF is the Honey Bunny scene.
    Big Kahuna cornerstone of every nutritious breakfast (look at the big brain on Jason), and biblical quote is the Brett and Jules scene.

  10. Tony every time I see your shows I'm very intrigued of those 2 posters you have in the background of the camera schematics where did you get that?! I want a copy of those! I love them

  11. Hi TC
    enjoying your shows very much. The sound from those mics are really good. If I may, I would suggest the use of popfilters, to eliminate some S sounds.
    Oh, and your timezone sucks. living in Europe 🙂

  12. I'd say looking @ all the micro 4/3 cameras the GX8 is the most capable of that bunch of cameras. Compare it to this Pen, as usual Olympus, hey Olympus, where's the internal 4k, same price $1,200 & there pushing there Mono feature, remember it's not a filter, haha. One of the more interesting cameras that are coming out is from Fuji, the tiny beautiful apsc Fuji X70, u can fit it in your jacket pocket, it has a touchscreen, it looks killer for street photography with a 18mm EQ 28mm lens, also great connectivity to send pics straight to your phone, if your into that, such a small camera with a relatively big sensor, I'm just really psyched to check it out.

  13. The sound quality is better, but now the show has a "radio look", if that makes sense. You can brighten the audio and get them out of the way by moving the mics farther away, say to short table stands. Did you go from flourescent lights to LEDs? Try halogen lights.

  14. Trolls are the plague of the internet that just no1 will be able to eradicate.
    I see this as a sign of immaturity, low education and /or low self esteem.

    I love that you actually care what ppl comment and answer it.
    But dont take the trolls to serious. They get their kicks out of writing garbage…. so they ll find something to troll about no matter what you do. (Best to ignore them).

    Also: Dont try to be to non offensive in your choice of words because of it. IMHO it's everyone's own responsibility to decide on whether or not to take the advice etc. or not.
    And that is normal … for most topics you will find a 100 opinions on the net and you just have to decide for yourself which source you trust.

  15. Chelsea are you trying to say the hubby is packing heat….lol….too funny..!!! You guys are awesome..!! Oh and people the proper term for Tony is "metro sexual" well groomed and dresses nice…..Not Gay…I mean look at his cute wife..!!

  16. For me, shutter actuations indicate how much a camera has been used. The shutter count isn't a huge factor.

    That said, in the past 9 years, I've had a problem which was due to the high actuations and that's with the mirror box assembly.

    In 2007 the arm broke in my Canon 40D. At that time, I had the mirror box and shutter replaced. That was $350 or so.

    In 2011 I was doing a cover shoot when the mirror gave out in my Nikon D700. I had lent my backup camera to another shooter so I had to make it work with the D700. Gaffer taped the mirror down, focused, removed the gaffer tape and since the subject was always in the same spot and I was locked down on a tripod, it worked. Sent it off the next day. $400 or so to replace the mirror box and shutter. Because why not? I was at 240,000+ actuations. Might as well.

    Congrats on the podcast!

  17. I really like your videos guys, but constructive criticism and all :).. I am not a fan of the post processing on some of your videos, this is a prime example. What's with the strobey, jerky, low FPS appearance? I'm all for the cinematic or live look, but these are so over cooked that I genuinely thought my PC was struggling to playback the video.

  18. The discussion of Adobe Camera Raw made me curious enough to want to install it, just to check it out. Can it really be run standalone? Everything I see on the Adobe site suggests that it is a PS and Lightroom plugin only. My attempt to download it and install it resulted in a message to install the Adobe Application Manager first, at which point I gave up.

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