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42 thoughts on “Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Street Photography, Portfolio Reviews, Photo News!”

  1. Zeiss Milvus = Perfectionist 🙂 Practice makes Perfect , Just try them for a while Tony . But I may have bad news for you !!! Once you shoot with Milvus , Especially the 135mm F2 you may never buy or even accept mounting any other lens on your DSLR . It happens to many photographers. Not made for wedding and sport .

  2. Just want to share my approach. I'm a wildly flamboyant hippie to begin with so that makes the whole blending in thing a bit hard but I've embraced it. I go out with a loud and clunky dslr in wild brightly colored clothing and get up in there with a 28mm. The shots aren't generally completely candid because it's pretty obvious to people that someone pointing a big camera at them from a foot or two away is taking pictures of them but I feel like inserting myself into the scene in that way, even if it's off frame, captures the moment as I experienced it a bit more. If someone's giving you the side eye don't stop either. get some more shots, smile and wish them a good day. If the subject has a problem with you taking their photo they'll let you know. In that case just delete it if it's digital. If it's film it's a bit tougher and I've had to waste time sitting with people till the cops get there to explain that it's completely legal. I'll generally develop the photo still just to review it and self critique but I don't share it out of respect for that person's wishes.

  3. Hi Tony & Chelsea,

    I have a question for you guys. There are a couple of photographs that you guys reviewed and judgded as ''not street photography'' while i really think they were. So what is your guys take on what street photography really is and what is not? Does the photographer has to be close or something? Or is it something else?


  4. Guys, I dont know why you said that "elephant and man" photo is not a "street photograph", why not? It was one good street shot. Street photography just doesnt mean you have to shoot exactly in the "Street"… 🙁

  5. but it can also do a review for Canon 1DX, although already old pear on youtube lacks a comprehensive review as you can do it yourself with all the details for me are the best that you can do this job perfectly explains things full attention thanks tony hope that takes into account my request for CANON 1DX

  6. Whoever is in charge of your FB Lightroom 5 page,give them a swift kick in the rear and get them to accept my and no doubt other peoples invitations. It`s been way to long.
    I have just noticed I was not accepted,whats the go?

  7. Hi Tony and Chelsea, Love your videos. Learning a lot !! Also thanks for including Street Photography. Since 2012 I have been doing Street Photography…trying actually 🙂 ( thanks to Eric Kim and his Workshop ) and Street Photography has me booked, hooked and cooked !!! Anyways, greats videos and info. All the best !!

  8. I tend to disagree with DSLR making it harder to shoot street. I am not really a DSLR person (too cumbersome and over-complicated – get in the way), but to my amazement I noticed a few times when I had my Nikon with me that people were actually acting very relaxed when I was obvious with the camera. I think some people may have felt that someone with a big camera and acting openly is supposed to be there, whereas someone trying to sneak up on them with a small camera might be perceived as creepy.

  9. +tony northrup maybe you could start a show about megapixel wars starting with film. As a kid (early 80's) the great hall of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry displayed this huge photo taken on a 35mm film. But it was widened across the hall and still had amazing detail.

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