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16 thoughts on “Top Film Photo News of 2018 || Nico's Photo News”

  1. What we need is new film camera production. If I had a few million bucks, I’d go buy out some old Konica or Minolta tech and re-start production. I mean there are blueprints still available. Yet no one wants to get this going. A small Kickstarter like Reflex SLR is not going to save film camera industry.

  2. There is one camera which could save 35mm photography in the long run: The Cosina CT-1. It has been re-badged with different mounts by nearly every major manufacturer, and was the basis for the Nikon FM10, Canon T60, Olympus OM2000 and others. If Cosina were smart they'd re-start production in a variety of old manual-focus mounts and capitalize on the renewed interest in film.

  3. Home developing is not hard without the lab box. Some people would rather not develop at all. Once you try a few rolls on the lab box you will understand how easy it actually is and move on to traditional developing. The real barrier in film photography right now is reviewing your negatives deciding which to print and which to scan, whether you develop yourself or have a lab do it for you. If you dont have a good scanner at home, you have to pay for prints for every frame or scans of every frame at the time of development when you maybe only have 1 on each roll that you want. The film community needs a new product to shake up the industry. A real product, not a kickstarter project. We need a fast scanner that can do a whole uncut roll in 5-10 min with digital ice, give 6mp files with great color which need no editing that can be immediately shared and/or just reviewed as a contact sheet. Due to pixel dimension limits, any files shared on the web will likely be downsampled to ~6mb anyway. That is good enough for 95% of frames for 95% of people. This product however, already exists. Its kodak pakon 135. This is such old tech right now that it should not even be expensive to make. Kodak are missing the boat here in my opinion. Re-relase the pakon for consumer use for the cost of an entry level digital and I think they would have a significant market there. Subbed!

  4. Yes, the fact that the price of the best mecanical cameras goes up is a good thing for the market, but the price of film should remain attractive ! And it’s not the case at least in Europe where I live… It worries me for the futur of analog photography…
    In the last 15 years the market has adapted to much less demand since digital came out and prices had increased a lot to compensate. Now we see people coming back to film and prices continue to go up. Why ? If things keep going that way the futur of analog photography is not going to be bright I’m afraid… In Europe thanks God we have Foma. Buying 30,5m of Fomapan directly from the factory is the only way to keep photographying normaly, at the price we used to in the good days of analog photography…

  5. I am sick and tired of Fuji: they have been a disappointment for a long time. I wish them the worst. They get the biggest revenue from analog and yet they keep discontinuing products.

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