Unpopular Savior

God damn, I’m tired of waking up in this filthy Hab. Once again, I wake up to the sound of simulated rain. Just like yesterday, I felt off. The hab felt like someone had been there, yet again, but you wouldn’t know it from the way I keep the place. Toilet overflowing, sink filled up with used stims and bottles and a plethora of boxed meals long eaten, strewn across the floor.

Home sweet home. What a joke. Thing is… did I really fly a ship? Or was that whole thing a dream? It felt real… my body is pretty banged up, but otherwise unharmed. Still… did I really get jumped off station? Did I really get gifted a ship? Did someone really swoop in to save my worthless hide? If so, how the hell did I get here? I certainly didn’t fly my ship home. Last thing I remember is the sound of cracking metal, as my ship rammed into my attacker’s.

Had to be a dream.

[Mobi Chirp] “You have a new message”

Hey, Skotadi is it? I just saved your carcass. You owe me for the repairs. By the looks of things, you’re in worse shape than me, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. I took a beating holding off those pirates.

Then, as your ship breached, I scooped you up and brought you back here. A few drunks in the bar thought you lived in this junk den of a hab. It stinks worse than a Banu toilet.

Keep an eye for another message from ME. You owe ME. You’re going to work off this debt if it kills you, and it probably will.

– Jason Willamort (aka the guy that saved your life)

It really happened. What the hell is going on? The Spirit Wars guy gives me a ship, I take it for a test drive and get attacked… and some random stranger saves my life. How am I going to pay him off? I don’t even have a ship anymore! He should have let me die. I’d rather be dead, than stressed. There’s no way I can pay him back, and I can’t escape. Without a ship, I’m stuck here.

I decided to sit in the sun room today. Normally I avoid this. There’s always someone who wants to talk to you. Unless they’re buying drinks, I don’t want to hear their sob stories. But today, I needed to feel the warmth of the sun on me. It brings back the old days. The good days.

“Sko!” Nancy always respected my nickname, Skotadi. Never could stand the name mom and dad gave me. I liked Skotadi. It’s Greek. Means darkness. This was an old memory, before mom and dad died. Nancy was home on a vacation. She’d been working hard with her studies. We were all helping her. Mom, dad and me…. everyone was working to giver her a shot at something big. Nancy’s smile was so big. Each time she saw me, she lit up like I was something special. We were outside, I walked out to meet her as she came up the walkway. I remember the heat of the sun pouring down on me. The smell of the grass, and the sound of the wind in the trees. What a time to be alive.

“SKOTADI!” It was the barking yell of Derke. He was a general jerk who worked the hangars. He likes to bull bait people into fights, just so he can enjoy kicking the piss out of them. Usually he leaves me alone, he’s already kicked my ass one too many times.

“What’s going on Derke?”

“How did you afford to get that ship?”

“How’d you know about it? Oh right, you work in the hangars….”

“I don’t know how you got a ship, but three months insurance on top of it, plus 5k UEC’s… who’d you kill?”

That got my attention. The ship came with insurance? I had money to spend? 5k UECs… Somethings up. “Woah Derke, how’d you hear about all that?”

“I had to process the insurance claim. You were out cold, some guy said he was your savior out there and wanted to know if you had any insurance. I pulled up your docs and SURPRISE! He said, you owe him big time. He seemed pretty happy you still had a ship to fly. Who’s that guy anyway?”

I got a ship! I still have a ship! I waved bye to Derke, as I ran down to the hangar to pull up the records and sure enough, there it was on the screen… My Aurora was covered for three months. All losses incurred are fully covered… and my money. I have money!

[Mobi Notification Chirp]

Rise and shine little lamb, you owe me. Consider me the savior who saved your life…. cause… well I am. You’re gonna fly to Stanton and do a little pick up for me. Specifically you’re going to land on a place called Hurston. A dope like you has probably never heard of it. I’m going to send you a waypoint. I’m pretty sure you can figure it out.

By the way, when I dropped your half-dead self off at the station, I noticed another guy – a guy in a suit, asking about your ship. He looks sharp. Fancy. But I want you to remember something. Remember it well. FIRST, you pay me back. That suit can wait.

If you don’t show up, I’ll figure you dead, or a worm. If you worm out of this arrangement, you’ll be dead anyway, I’ll make sure of it.

Hurston. You have three days to get there. Write me when you’ve landed.

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