I’m one of writers at SNAPT.org. My interested are not only about public policies/economics, but also of science and technology. As such, I picked up a few skills on data visualization over the past couple of years.

With the COVID-19 crisis, I started monitoring and visualizing a dataset from the European CDC. Using their CSV file, I constructed a Tableau Story. A story is like an advanced Dashboard, in Tableau. It has multiple tabs, that link to multiple dashboards.

In my Tableau Story, I have Infection and Death rate, measured per day, on the main Dashboard. It defaults to the United States, but the country can be changed using a dropdown selector.

The second tab of the Tableau Story opens a dashboard showing the top 5 infection rates around the world (by country).

The site loads best when opened directly:


However I’m including the embedded version (which is constrained to this window size), below:


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