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  1. Its like watching the news, never put all your eggs in one basket. I watched every review I could and anyone with a brain can pick out the inconsistencies of who’s honest or not. There are some reviewers I don’t watch anymore, there are some I watch everything they do and the first thing that kicks someone off my trusted list is inconsistent statements. If in one video they say something like 3200 iso produces exceptional quality and the next video they are calling 3200 iso trash, well guess what, they are just saying what they need to at the time to fit their preclusions. They then become members of my do not watch list. I just like people who are honest with me and who will tell you if they do or don’t know something.

  2. Thanks, Have you ever noticed the Z6 preview options are quite different from other mirrorless cameras? Its not confutable while shooting by using the viewfinder in auto display.Right?

  3. I have a long history of watching/reading reviews hoping to get insight into something. The world needs negative reviews. When a reviewer is too nice to critically review a camera, a movie, a book, a game, anything, it makes it very difficult to make educated purchases.

    And I am not rich. I like for my purchases to be worth my money. I appreciate negative reviews. Above all, I appreciate HONEST reviews, no matter which way they lean. Keep doing what you two are doing.

  4. Hey Chelsea and Tony, could you do a buyers guide for new Photographers who want to purchase their first Fullframe Camera in 2019? Should you save up for the D850 or is an older D750 or D810 fine to start off with and maybe get the D850 at a later stage? Would be great to hear from you, best wishes.

  5. One of the things that has attracted me to your channel Tony is how you articulate your transparency and your ethical approach to the pressures of sponsorship and financial gain, not just in this video. In this day and age society has become so insecure. This generation has lost the ability to think and discuss ideas and issues that are contrary to their established viewpoints, and would rather attack and lash out rather than open up to the possibility that their understanding maybe dead wrong. They feel safe in their echo chambers protecting themselves and their mislead ideologies. It happens often, and it's increasingly disturbing.

  6. Good for you Tony, standing up for what you believe. I am not looking Positive Reviews, nor am I looking for negative reviews. I want am HONEST Review, and I may not always agree with you, I admire your honesty. Keep it Real.

  7. Keep it real!!! It's funny how people are about their gear. Used to use Nikon film cameras back in the 90s. Switched to Sony for Digital. I'm new in the digital realm.

  8. I would like, then dislike just to like this video again. Tony, your logic is unchallengeable, your intentions are pure. You are so polite, I still believe, you are Canadian 🙂

  9. We value your honesty!! When I bought your book, you basically wrote in your gear guide "this camera is awful and we don't recommend" when talking about the canon eos-m 1 … I had just bought the camera, and four years later I still love it! There are problems, but for me, I can live with them and I'm happy. So I value your honesty and it was much more rewarding for me to buy something that you told that wasn't that good, and in the end liking it!! If you have told me, buy THIS, THIS is great, and I hate the product… I'd be quite disappointed. Keep the good work! =D

  10. From what I've been able to glean, the biggest knock against the Z6 is its video focusing. EVERY review of its stills capability and image quality that I've found rates both as excellent; personally, I couldn't care less about the video capability of a body that I am buying for still photography. I also know you guys can be trusted for your objectivity and honesty. I am buying the Z6, and when I have used it enough to post an experienced review of it as a stills camera, I will. I will also watch your YT work on photography in general for the good info I get from it. Lastly, as you pointed out, whatever shortcomings this camera has now that can be fixed in firmware WILL be fixed by Nikon. They know the competition they are up against, and will not let the fiasco that was the Nikon 1 happen again. Anyhoo, keep up the good work.

  11. Having to defend yourselves against Fanboys/Girls wow that's nuts. Giving your honest review of a item is the only way to go, and you can review whats in your hands at that time. But some of these people jump down your throats before they have even seen/played with the item, not good. Tony & Chelsea please carry on the way you do things and don't let the Bas7ard$ grind you down.

  12. You're not giving "negative camera reviews", you're simply pointing out OPPORTUNITIES for the camera maker. I'm serious here. When giving feedback, start with "what works well…what are the good features ", etc. Then point out the opportunities for improvement. I know it sounds politically correct, but it works. Most people accept that kind of feedback. I know i would if i was pushing a product.

  13. Saying everything is great is the easy way. You hype more people so get more likes. Companies like you so they fly you out more. You make more money. I commend you for not going the easy way and going the right way.

  14. Clearly sponsored by Sony. Sony bought your house too, why aren’t you honest about that? And what about the Sony tattoo being the real reason why you never appear shirtless in your videos? Lastly, if you change just one letter to your name, what do you get??? SONY!!!! illuminati exposed

  15. So many reviews by so many different Pros/YouTubers. Not all of them are going to agree on everything, but that is why we watch them – to get their opinions … and I do value Chelsea and Tony’s opinion. At the end, we as consumers are going to buy whatever camera/equipment fits our needs and budgets. Why can’t we just learn to agree to disagree? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ sheesh

  16. Don't feel bad. You, guys, are that lighthouse in the dark age of greed. Honestly, I'm tired of that fake positivity where everybody shows teeth to each other while keep knife behind the back. Just keep doing what you do as long as you can because we need truth- not fake reviews. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO.

  17. You're "too positive", people think you're biased. You're "too negative", people think you're biased. Utter nonsense. What you said about people wanting to confirm their own opinions by watching reviewers was good.

  18. I appreciate the honest review, I'm still trying to decide which full frame mirrorless to go with. I also don't have any brand loyalty although I've only shot nikon aps-c. I think I'll wait til the 24-70 2.8 and eyeaf come out for the nikon and if they fix the problems.

  19. I trust your reviews. In fact since past 3 years, I have learnt a lot from your videos and when selecting camera or lense, I watch your reviews first. In my opinion if someone decides to buy a product, it is all his own decision they shall not hold you responsible.

  20. And sorry, I did this comment anonymously, using my nickname; due to my extremely limited motorbike "Benelli" . But I need to do this because of my job. In exchange I keep my comments very honest

  21. Unfortunately you spend a small fraction of your time (and money) on cameras and gears. But the overwhelming time you have to be shrinks: how can I formulate my words in order to upset a few less people. Most people don't want to hear the truth; they want to hear what they want to hear. They have biased opinions and want you to confirm what they believe.
    This is not exclusive for photography; it is true in all fields. Social networks made thing worse, much worse. And, as you explained so well in one of your previous videos, anonymity of social networks allow it to go toxic, independent of the subject

  22. Definitely appreciate the honest reviews. I was at first disappointed by your video on the S1 from a few days ago. I was disappointed because no one else brought this up. I rally wants this to be my next camera. I want full frame, 4k camera with IBIS, and good working AF for video. I went back and sure enough, in a lot of videos, I did see the same issue. Thanks for the honesty, and hard work. My next camera is for personal use. It is a lot of money, but I expect it to last many years and create great memories.

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