The Kickstarter project raised 1 MILLION DOLLARS, so we review the Yashica Y35 – a digital camera that resurrects a long-dead Japanese film camera company… but does it give us everything we loved about the Yashica film cameras?


47 thoughts on “WORST $1,000,000 camera: Yashica Y35 Review (Kickstarter fail)”

  1. Just for laughs I would have a shoot off with Kai (I think he got this camera too) and do the Pro photographer cheap camera challenge lol yes with this camera and yes to see what photo the subs like most haha. I think it would be a frustratingly fun challenge.

  2. OMG! What have they done to the Yashica brand? Its now a Chinese junk ripoff. My father had a Yashica Electro 35GX, and given to me as a rare collection, but it still works. I appreciate the incredible build quality that you will get in Japanese products. But this? God dammit! It doesn't even lasts a day, it started to break already, what more if it can last for decades like my father's 35GX. This is a huge insult to Yashica. Let the brand die a proper death. This is why I don't like respectable brands being resurrected back to life, it either turns out great or bought by another company and become more worse. 😢

  3. Please, it is pronounced "Yah-She-Kah" (with emphasis on the first syllable). As I live in Japan, hearing western people mispronounce Japanese words is like a western person hearing a Japanese person ordering a "miruku shaeku" at McDonalds. The Yashica Electro 35 was perhaps the best camera ever produced in it's price range. It had a superb lens, the electronic meter and shutter system, controlled by a simple transistor (which Yashica euphemistically called an "electric brain") was accurate enough to get fantastic exposures from even the most demanding slide films. And it was capable of holding open the shutter long enough to get a good exposure, a one-minute exposure at night is no problem for a Yashica 35. The Y35 is actually modeled on the Yashica Electro 35 GL, which was the last variant of the Yashica Electro rangefinders. Yashica was not brought back from the dead for the Y35 camera, the company, or at least it's name is still used on a variety of photographic products in Japan. For those who are interested. Yashica was formerly called "Yashima" a maker of medical instruments. Yashica began producing cameras in the 1950's, and they were highly regarded for their overall quality, using good materials and workmanship, and extremely good lenses. Yashica eventually grew to the point where it took over Contax, and the cameras and lenses made in those years were second-to-none. Unfortunately, so were their prices. It's too bad that the company now sells low-priced toys and junk.

  4. The people who bought this deserved what they got. They should just use their brains and buy a used X-E2 and a 27 2.8 instead. There is no free lunch, and there is no good high-intestify-R&D product on kickstarter for under $1k.

  5. Why this woman expects like canon 1D? Totally not getting the point. This woman is child hater? And guess what? I am a photo majored too. I feel likeHer skill based on $$$$$ she can't do anything without expensive camera. Unsubscribed.

  6. My first drone was kinda like your Yashika . . . lots of fake things on the RC + crashing almost every flight. Now Mavic Pro while saving for the dual cam with heat sense. And NO I don't fly by people's windows; I'm not a paparazzi type guy. I do, however, enjoy majestic sunrises and sunsets. Lots to learn yet about videography. Thanks for your help getting my license. Flyboy K85

  7. When I first saw the KS thing I thought "YEAH!!! Yashica is BACK!!! My childhood dream camera will be MINE!!!" Then I read through what it was: fake crap for gullible hipster posers (You know them: fake lumberjack beards, skinny jeans, pulled back wool hats, and carefully coiffed hair or man buns). Now I see that it's even worse than that – it's a scam. At first I wanted to feel bad for the investors, but they knew they were buying a gullible hipster poser camera, therefore they were in fact gullible hipster posers. Therefore, no, I have no sympathy.

  8. Some it comes with "200 ISO", "1600 ISO", "6×6" and "B&W" digiFilm cartridges? What if I want to shoot 6×6 B&W pictures @ 1600 ISO?

    Besides, I bet that if you open up the cartridges there will just be a couple of wires connecting some of the pins, so the camera can identify which cartridge you're using. And the 200 ISO and 1600 ISO may even be identical…

  9. yikes! Thats worst than a $2 disposable box camera but for $160?!! WOW! Idk, I would be suspicious to connect that thing directly into my computer. Maybe the one working thing is the Malware that comes pre-installed, just plug it into your computer w the provided cord.

  10. If memory serves me right, the original Yashica Electro uses a leaf shutter? It should be pretty quiet. As it is, it is a digital camera that looks like a leaf shutter rangefinder that sounds like a manual SLR.

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