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  1. What I have yet to confirm and hear about . Is the charge cord it seem the cord is just an adapter that it must remain connected at all time s? However when it’s connected it shows a charging juice screen with percentage I have two and both disconnects immediately after removing the cord . I don’t hear anyone speaking about this . I want to know the specifics is it just my cameras or do I need to do suntin additional??

  2. Can Current version still not able to use Wifi 5G? Recent installed Spectrum that came with either 5G or 2G. Also can I hang this camera by nailing/screwing from ceiling? if not, will you suggest me that can do so.

  3. Where can I find instructions? I bought a used one and I can’t figure out how to turn off the blue light and how to turn on the mic. I can hear them in the house but they can’t hear me??

  4. I mounted mine with Command Velcro tabs. I really like how easy it was to hook up my second one. I had help with my first one because I am intimidated by tech stuff. I am glad I can in on my elder parent when I am not home. Very easy to use.

  5. Hi, what a cool little camera. Than you for your video, very useful. I'm actually looking to use it to make videos and I wonder were I could find examples of people's medium and close up shots. 🙂

  6. In addition to being able to mount the camera with double sided tape, for a more permanent fixing, just twist the camera anti-clockwise off the base to find three screw holes

  7. What exactly did you mean by a "DVR ACCOUNT" I am looking for a camera to setup when I am not home. I wanted this camera to send a notification to my phone when it detects movement but not sure if this camera/app system has that capability. Thanks for any help.

  8. I just bought a couple of these and so far I am really impressed. From what I understand with the cloud service, there is a free version that gives you just the 6 second motion previews going back 7 days. There is a paid service that will give you the full motion recorded video in the cloud. If you have an SD card plugged in then the entire motion is recorded to that and you'll get the 6 second preview for free. Not too bad.

  9. I am going to buy 3 of these camera to use as security in my house, what I would like to know is, how much of a hit will I expect in terms of internet speed, if any?

  10. I just got my camera today. I have a couple of questions. Just to clarify, if my camera is at home and I am at work, I will not be able to see what's going on in my house unless the phone and the camera are connected to the same network? I noticed when I first plugged in the camera, that it said camera connecting over and over again until it was connected to my phone and network. If my camera is at home, and loses wifi connection for some reason, will it continually say camera connecting over and over again until it connects. I was hoping to use this as a hidden camera for security reasons. Do you have to use the YI cloud or can you use a cloud account that you already have? Does the micro SD card have to be from YI, or can you use any other kind? If this does not work where I can watch my home from work on my phone, what camera would you recommend? I would want one that is not easy to see and is quiet. Thank you!

  11. Can you watch the live feed with multiple devices ? When I'am at work and I logon to watch the feed of my Arlo Q, it logs off my girlfriend's feed on her phone.

    The Dlink I used to have permitted this but I hated their app!

  12. Hi how comes when I'm out of the house at work when I view the camera on my phone via 4g network it lags every few seconds? And when I get home I can play back any of the video apart from motion detection ones? Thanks

  13. How are notifications sent to your phone, is there a `bleep` or similar to receiving a SMS message? Or do you have to go into the App itself and check?

  14. nice review. Can you recommend a camera to record interviews inside an office? it needs to be mobile, power bank powered and records on SD card once turned on. No wifi no app (unless for the first time of initial setup).Thank you

  15. Daylight images are good.  At night with interior lighting images lose quality and under IR conditions images are too blurry to see faces at 15 feet.   I am waiting for support to review my images and make a determination if I might have a defective YI Home Cam 2.  Audio… really good.  I have an old Foscam with bad, weak, noisy audio and one of the primary reasons I switched to YI.  I probably would have purchased Nest except for $$$.

  16. I have the YI camera and love it, after a while, it stopped sending notices of motion to my phone. I checked the prompt to make sure it was set in motion detection and it is. I just dont get the notices to my phone. Is anyone else having this issue

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