Research and topics related to a variety of business concepts.

A study into the world of manufacturing and management.

Data analytics using  tools like Tableau & Python.

Research into AI, Programming and other technology stacks.


Business, Manufacturing, Technology and Data

SNAPT is a place to find articles regarding research and study into the topics of business, manufacturing, technology and data analytics. 

A few things we’re great at

At SNAPT, we love to research projects relating to business, manufacturing, management, education and science. 


Researching business concepts.


Studying the latest in manufacturing concepts.

Data Analytics

Using Tableau, R and Python to generate data insights.


Researching topics related to accounting.


A study of economics, both macro and micro.

IT / Science

Science, technology and software development.

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Featured Research Project

Data design and function combined together

Tableau was used to construct this very detailed visualization of crime in Los Angeles.